Bathrooms can be some of the coolest rooms in a house.

The best way to start designing a truly amazing bathroom is to figure out your style. Are you looking for cool, calm and relaxing? Maybe a bit more pizzaz and light? Are you a shower or tub person? Need extra vanity space? A makeup desk?
One of my favorite ways to start designing a bathroom interior is to consider plumbing faucets. They really set the tone for the entire room. And these days, the sky is the limit. You've got traditional looks and brushed nickel finishes or go for a splash of color with a retro design. There are millions of handle designs and even touchless sensors that make staying clean a breeze.

What makes a great bathroom design? One word: FUN

We like to challenge our clients to reconsider bathroom designs. Put the tub in the shower to create a giant "roman spa" bath experience. Consider a Japanese soaking tub or a walk-in shower instead of a traditional tub or enclosed shower. Think about adding color to the faucets, countertops, floors and sinks. Or make the countertop literally light up with LED lights underneath the marble.
My personal favorite was a private outdoor shower connected to the master bathroom.
IF you can dream it, we can draw it.

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