What do we do when we are not doing architecture? Exploring nature!

I can safely say our kids are the luckiest little peanuts on planet Earth. They get to grow up running around and exploring some of the most beautiful natural habitats. From the sugar white sandy beaches to the wetlands and ponds around the bay, our kids love to get dirty. As you can see from the photo above, one of our favorites is tubing on the bay. There is a lovely, calm inlet called Mullet Bayou behind our house that is fantastic for tubing, water skiing and Yolo (stand up paddle) boarding - my personal favorite.

When we are not out on the water or watching dolphins play in our backyard, our family loves to TRY to catch these little lizards that live in our neck of the woods. They are usually green or brown and are super fast. Every now and then we actually do catch one. Our daughter likes to name them and always wants to keep them as a pet. I have to remind her that they need to go back to their families 🙂

Of course, at the end of any day spent swimming and playing outside, it is nap time. As you can see below, our son is a professional napper, even in the middle of a swing ride.

What can I say? Life is good.

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