Incorporating textures into your home is a great way to liven things up.

While painted walls make for a wonderful background canvas, the addition of glass, tile, wood, brick or stone can break up the "sameness" of a room and help create a focal point for interest.

Above showcases one of my favorite uses of glass in a home. All too often, people relegate glass to cabinets and furniture - but it makes a great interior feature. The absence of a wall or railing here actually makes this a bold element.

Below, a modern home features a staircase along a tile wall. One of the coolest ways to incorporate materials and textures is to paint or select ones that mimic the surrounding wall colors. This helps create a flow between the two objects even though they are very different.

On the flip side, sometimes selecting textures that are very different make them stand out even more. On the pictures near the bottom of this post, I highlighted the use of stone and metal. The stone really creates a dynamic statement in this home. The owners wanted a rustic feel and the stone definitely does the trick.

What's more, textures don't have to be attached to the wall. Furniture, cabinets - and in this case - light fixtures, can bring new elements and textures to a home as well. I LOVE these Egyptian style lights.