Metal often gets overlooked as a building material in homes. I think people get scared that it's going to look too heavy or too rough. In reality, it can be a fantastic way to make your house really stand out.

Below are two examples of ways that we have incorporated metal work into some very elegant homes. Whether you want to go all out with an "industrial" architecture style or simply want to incorporate some softer gold or rose gold touches throughout the house, metal materials can be a work of art.

We are seeing this as a definite trend for 2020 and beyond. In addition to the use of metals, we also think the use of mixed metals - silver and gold - through the house is here to stay for a while. Consider using a different colored metal in lighting versus door pulls and so forth. Things do not have to all be the same 🙂

As you can see here, we used metal for the beam work in the first house. Metal detailing also runs up the stairs and as details throughout the kitchen and bathrooms.

In the second home, the metal work is lighter, but no less dynamic. The gold hood and hardware really makes the kitchen pop and I love how they brought metal work into other parts of the house such as the bunk beds.

Remember, heavy metal isn't just a music thing - now, it's a house thing, too!