Living in Florida has a lot of advantages, including gardening in your backyard. We get TONS of sun.

This year was our first year to have our own garden and the kids loved it. It's been such a wonderful learning experience for us all. Today, we picked our first watermellon. London, as you can see above, is over the moon. She immediately named it and wrapped it up like a baby doll. Not sure how she is going to feel about eating it this afternoon.

We started the garden in early March, which may have been a little late for Florida standards. But we had a cool Spring and I think that helped us. We have planted watermellon, tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, zucchini, cauliflower, cucumber, butternut squash and snow peas. The snow peas died pretty much right away. I found out later that snow peas and cauliflower are considered winter plants in Florida. The cauliflower is still alive but no signs of anything actually edible.

One interested quirk about gardening on the bay is the wind. We've had several bad storms where the winds can reach gusts of 20-30 mph. We tied the plants as best we could and have trellis set up to brace them as well. But we have lost several plants - or parts of plants - to wind damage. On the flip side, we have almost zero bug problems. I think it's because the constant wind keeps the bugs away.

Last month we decided to start a few new tomato and dill plants from baby seeds. We originally grew them in a started kit I ordered online. They finally got big enough to move into a new Dixie cup home on our back porch table. I'm excited to see how these grow and to have "raised them" from infancy.